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Our SEO Process

Our 5 step SEO process ensures that your business gets the most out of our services.

Search Engine Optimization

When we check the marketing objectives of any business owners, it is obvious that most of them come out to be the same and that is to be on the top of the business. But do you know, where to make happen the start of it? The answer lie on the website of your business. If your website is dead, then it cannot make you reach anywhere. Innowiz technologies being the best Digital Marketing agency in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, focus on client-centric solutions to boost the website using Search Engine Optimisation strategies. Knowing the market and understanding the common search behaviour can help in determining keywords used. These keywords when applied at the right place can make the website visible to the google. But the strategies are not just about keywords but some tactics applied with the latest technicalities in Search Engine Optimisation.

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Search Engine Audit

Unless you know where is your current website position is, there is no use in conducting search engine optimisation. Performing an SEO Audit is imperative in Digital Marketing as it is the way to evaluate the current position, content related issue, conversion rates, rate of organic clicks, the volume of targetted online traffic etc.

When we get your project, we make constant touch with it so as to understand the progress. Every day, the scenario of Google analytics can change. The strategies working cohering to the latest Google algorithms can only work in boosting the site and also it is a tough job to maintain the consistency of online traffic to the website. We embrace it as a responsibility as we understand the relevance of SEO audit.

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Content Marketing

While most of the advertisements or promotional activities seem interruption in nature, the only non-interrupting marketing strategy is ' Content Marketing' as here we only tend to share the information on a service or product more than making it promotional. The audience will take a glance at the creative contents, captions, quotes and search for information. Hence, in a content marketing strategy, making use of creative contents to enable the audience to think on the subject is essential.

Present your customers with valuable information on products and services. Being the best Digital Marketing service provider, we inculcate creative and innovative content marketing strategy in Social Media Advertisement and Search Engine Optimisation.

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Ecommerce Optimization


We know the relevance of e-commerce websites as we are also the users of these e-commerce websites. Also, as modern history utters the name of Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, the owner of great e-commerce platform, Amazon. Watching this success, there has been a massive uprising of many e-commerce websites and to be the best out of them requires the best reachability. We can make your e-commerce site best optimised for increasing your sales. The strategies of online marketing are incorporated for e-commerce optimisation.

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Keyword Research

The top SEO service providers maximum engage on Keyword research and it is meant to be the best Search Engine Optimisation tactics or strategies. If you are targetting your potential customer, then you should first focus on the keyword they use to find the services similar to the ones you provide. Keyword research is the process involved in finding out the best-used phrases or words by the potential customers on the internet. The right application of right keywords can attract your targetted audience. These keywords are employed or integrated into the process of website content development and social media advertising purposes (for creating hashtags). A best SEO service provider or company will indulge in right keyword research.

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Web Migration

It is the process done by an SEO analyst to make changes to the website for search engine optimisation purpose so that to affect the site visibility in search engines. It can be done for content review, code issue, or SEO purpose. The process involves migrating from a previously viewed web page and thus involves risk. We make sure the following prior to web migration.

  • Need to possess register keys or domain password
  • On the existing web hosting provider get the web hosting account
  • Database dumps processability
  • Making sure hosting platform is compatible
  • In possession of all existing mail IDs.
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Markups come into picture when you realise that the keywords you have deployed is not working or is not hitting at the right place. For making the search engine to fetch your site, the use of markups is important. Markups provide the exact result to the search engine, what it is looking for. Diminishing the importance of keywords by the search engines may result in issues where your website may lack clicks even after proper keyword optimisation. Here comes the role of markups. It delivers search engine what the content means and helps to fetch your website for results. Hence, improving website traffic and sales.

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